April 19, 1873  Amasa Stone, who was a bridge engineer, bought 7000 acres of land for $40,000 in the town of Elko and   partly in Red House for a private game reserve. This is the same land that formed the nucleus of Allegany State Park when it opened.


November 8, 1920 A joint meeting of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences and the Society for the Preservation of Birds, Fish and Game was held, formally launching the Allegany State Park project. This meeting authorized appointment of committees to sponsor the Park proposal. Albert Fancher agreed to direct this campaign for legislative action.
July 30, 1921 Opening day of Allegany State Park
August 1, 1921 The Buffalo Society of Natural Science opened the first group camp in the Park, where Buffalo Cabin Trail is located today. The camp, consisting of tents on platforms, was the first “science camp”.
June 23, 1924 The original Camp Turner opened. (named after Bishop William Turner)
1926 Summit Firetower constructed
July, 1926 1st Fancher pool opened
December 7, 1926 Beavers were first introduced in A.S.P. (2 adults and 4 eight months old). They were shipped by train from Palisades Park and were released on the north shore of Science Lake.
June 21, 1927 Science Lake opened
July 5, 1927 Allegany School of Natural History opened near Science Lake
(alternately known as “the school in the woods”, “science camp”, or Group Camp #1)
August 16, 1927 Construction started on the Red House Administration Building, on the site of the Frink family farm.
September 8, 1927 The dedication was held for the Sweetwater Spring, located on the Scenic Highway near Fancher Point.
August 14, 1929 Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Governor of New York State, visited Allegany State Park


December 1, 1930 The gates of the Red House Dam were closed and it took a week to complete the filling of Red House Lake.
July 23, 1932 Red House Lake bath house opened
July 25, 1933 Eleanor Roosevelt visited Allegany State Park
October 1, 1933 The Outdoor Museum was finished and opened to the public. It was closed during World War II.
October, 1933 Company 249 of the CCC began construction of the Stone Tower
1934 Both the Quaker Picnic Area and the Red House Lake Picnic Area were constructed by the CCC and opened to the public.
July 1934 2nd Fancher swimming pool opened
July 3, 1936 The present day Quaker Rental Office opened. It was constructed by the CCC Camp 18.
July 1937 Quaker Amphitheater opened


January 21, 1941 The Allegany School of Natural History closed.


Summer 1951 Beehunter Picnic Area opened


December, 1966 Construction of Quaker lake Dam completed
November 21, 1968 Quaker Lake is completely filled, with the very first drop of water going over the spillway at 6:30 am. The park started filling the lake on June 12, 1968.


September, 1970 The last dance was held in the Quaker Dance Hall. The dance hall was torn down on January 23, 2002.
July 4, 1973 The last dance was held at the Red House Lake Pavilion
December 23, 1978 The Art Roscoe Ski Touring Area was dedicated
September 5, 1979 Red House Lake was completely drained to enable 50,000 cubic yards of sludge and sediment to be bulldozed from the beach area and the mouth of Red House Creek. This $300,000 project also included deepening the beach area and maintenance work on the dam.


September 1981 The Fancher pool was last used Labor Day weekend and drained forever.
September, 1985 The historic Fancher pool was demolished and filled in by the Barnes Construction Company.
September, 1989 Bike path completed (5.2 miles long)


July 1, 1990 Camp Turner, the group camp operated by the Diocese of Buffalo, opened almost directly across from it’s previous location. The camp also became co-ed for the first time serving boys and girls aged 8-15
August 28, 1990 At about 7 pm, a tornado hit the Cain Hollow Campground, damaging a car and 2 campers. More severe damage occurred along ASP-1, where the tornado flattened 200 acres of forest on Mt. Onondaga.

2000 – today

July 21, 2010 Master Plan for Allegany State Park signed by Carol Ash, State Parks Commissioner